Top 10 Reasons Cyclists Choose Not to Hate the Warm Weather

With summer coming you’d think it’d be a cause to gripe but this post is trying to find something to like about it.

10. Plenty of daylight means we get to ride any damn time we please.

9. Being outside exerting ourselves and we get used to the heat, unlike others who’re afraid to leave their cars to walk across a parking lot.

8. Those frozen water bottles thaw out about when you really need a cold swig.

7. Getting nice and sweaty before public interactions ensures proper social distancing rules will be followed.

6. No need for extra layers. Put on shorts, jersey and we’re good to go.

5. Beers taste unbelievable after a long day sweating it out.

4. Food trucks are easy to find.

3. Events every weekend provide a convenient excuse to get out of yard work or anything for that matter.

2. No problem finding that seat on the patio of your favorite bistro and who wants to eat inside anyway?

  1. When else would you get a chance to chug pickle juice?

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