JavaOne Survival Guide

With next week being my 12th time at JavaOne, here’s some wisdom for those who’ve never been.

  1. Use the schedule builder.  Many sessions fill up early and if you didn’t reserve your seat you’ll be stuck in overflow.

  2. Don’t miss the Oracle Appreciation Event.  It’s one of the hottest attractions in San Francisco.  Event bracelets are highly sought after and traded by the locals on the free market.  I recommend leaving well in advance of the encores to avoid the long queues that gather for the return bus trip.

  3. Enjoy a brew at the Thirsty Bear a block from the Moscone center.  You’ll be glad you did.  And don’t skip the tapas.

  4. Attend the BOFS.  More casual (and fun) than the event keynotes or technical sessions.  BOFs are a great way to meet the leading minds working with Java.  The relaxed format encourages audience participation and are a way for your voice to be heard.
  5. Trouble reserving a room within your price range nearby?  Try renting an Airbnb apartment.  Often times apartments may be rented for a fraction of the cost you would otherwise pay for a hotel room.
  6. Take the BART.  No need to rent that car or pay $40 in cab fare.  BART has terminals at both local airports, is fast, easy and cheap.
  7. Get out and walk a bit.  Market Street (shopping), Union Square (more shopping), and China Town (eating and sightseeing)  is walking distance from the conference hotels.  Better yet, stop by the Embarcadero for a ride on one of the ferries shuttling commuters across the bay.

    If you’re lucky you might snag a bar seat at the Slanted Door which is one of the best restaurants in town.

    Need a laugh?  Check out Pier 39’s Sea Lions at the Wharf.

  8. Stay until Friday.  Avoid the mad rush to the airport on Thursday afternoon.  The conference pace slows to a crawl which is nice after all the earlier hustle and bustle.  There’s usually plenty of free beer left as Oracle tries to drain the last of the kegs.

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