Apache Fortress Two Years and Still Going

A couple of years ago I wrote about my first ApacheCon experience in Budapest along with some thoughts about the move into the ASF.

Much like before, it’s the last night in Seville, late and can’t sleep. Contemplating another great ApacheCon Europe experience is a pleasant way to pass the time, but with a 4am wake-up call and an early flight out, I should be sleeping. Regardless this offers the opportunity to write about how things are going since the move…

From a development perspective, Fortress is doing fine. The Apache Directory project has indeed proved to be a nice home. The overall fit is there in terms of technological alignment, along with the expected (hate to use the word) synergies. The team has done quite a lot and have patiently brought us into the fold.

From a community perspective things are starting to pick up.  Downloads are up to several thousand a month and mailing list activity is holding steady.

We’ve added several new contributors to the team bringing the much needed fresh blood, with one newly elected to the PMC. There have been five releases so far, with some nice features, and the right quality targets are being hit.  So overall things are going great.

Finally, the ApacheCon experience provides the connection with the community to make sure we stay on track with their needs.  It also gives me a much needed psychological boost.  Working on open source projects tends to drain the batteries and ApacheCon is the chance to recharge.

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